Connection is the path to healing

Soul Squared Reiki

Unlock your own self-healing path

Attuned in the Usui system of Reiki, Karen acts as a conduit for this universal life energy.

Reiki is a very gentle method of helping you reconnect to yourself…to your ‘source’, the infinite power of the universe, whatever that may be for you. As a healing modality, it is the embodiment of unconditional love.

Reiki can assist you to unlock your own individual self-healing path, enabling you to reclaim your sacredness and belong to yourself again.

In basic terms, Reiki is an energy healing practice where the practitioner places their hands on or above your (fully clothed) body, connecting you to the power of universal energy. This can help your body balance itself from a very deep level. Reiki can facilitate deep and profound life changes, relieve pain and physical ailments, reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep, increase energy, and reconnect yourself to your purpose in life.

Do you often feel that you are being pulled in many different directions, trying to please everyone around you, yet never slowing down long enough to connect to your inner self?

Do you struggle to hear and interpret the intuitive guidance your soul is giving you?

You passionately desire solutions, but what if the answers are already within you?

Reiki can help you connect to your true and authentic self.

You are not broken, you just need help to reactivate your inner self-healing.

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