Our Story

There is an exquisite melody in every heart,
if we listen attentively, we can hear each other's song

Counselling, Reflexology and Reiki

Soul Squared really began more than 50 years ago. Through a lifetime of love, loss and laughter…the experiences of that which we call life, Karen firstly discovered, then developed, her special gifts for connection and healing. To the point where she is now living her life destiny in helping others find peace and happiness and turn their pain into purpose.

Through a unique combination of modalities, Counselling, Reflexology and Reiki, Karen’s ability to connect intuitively to your soul, provides an opportunity for help and healing, no matter what age, gender or background. Simply…two souls connecting exponentially.

Whether it be just talking and listening, connecting through the feet, energy healing, or a combination of all three, Soul Squared provides a fragrant potpourri of healing modalities.

Nestled in a peaceful, serene setting, you will find a quiet and safe place where you can unwind and unravel what is truly important to you. Allowing you to gently reconnect with your soul.

Many people are fearful of seeking help. For some, it makes them feel like a failure, and there is always the real concern of them not being understood. In many cases they struggle to connect with the counsellor, and leave feeling even more hopeless than before.

Soul Squared is unique due to the diversity of our counselling approach. We encourage clients to tell their stories in whichever way they feel most comfortable, and to feel safe in doing so. Enabling the client to fully experience and take ownership of their story, allowing the counselling process to flow naturally and easily.

For whatever you need help with

No matter who you are, or where you are from, if you are seeking that ray of light, that glimmer of hope, for whatever reason, Soul Squared is here waiting with an open heart to assist you in a manner that suits you, so you feel comfortable.

All sessions are conducted in the strictest confidence in a safe haven of unconditional acceptance and genuine understanding.

Soul Squared does not discriminate against age, gender, race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, sexual orientation and culture.

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